reports that a new Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network study found that LGBT youth faced three times as much cyberbullying than their non-LGBT peers. The findings, which note that LGBT adolescents living in rural areas experience an elevated level of online harassment, show that 42 percent of LGBT youth face more online bullying as compared to 15 percent of straight, cisgender youth. Text message harassment was also included in the study, which found LGBT youth twice as likely to report the intimidation.

Conversion or “ex-gay” therapy continues to come under fire, this time in Michigan where Representative Adam Zemke (D-Ann Arbor) has introduced House Bill (HB) 5703to ban “sexual orientation change efforts” for minors. While conversion therapy is not a widespread practice across the state, supporters of HB 5703 indicate that state-sanctioned exposure of even a single child to this type of therapy cannot be accepted. Introduced on July 16, 2014, the bill was referred to the Committee on Health Policy where it awaits action.

When you think about Mongolia, you think fast development, construction, transformation. What if this was also valid for the LGBT community?
In 2014, public and police harassment is still considered the most frequent human rights violation endured by the community’s members, followed closely by discrimination in the workplace, according to the UNAIDS’ Desk Review on the Legal and Policy Environment of Sexual Minorities in Mongolia released on Friday.